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Through the years I have tried several massage therapists. However, Kevin Comeau is the only therapist who has been able to alleviate my back pain! While massage from ordinary massage therapists is enjoyable, I find such therapists fail to actually adjust a client’s soft tissue and affect a change. The day after such a gentle massage I’m in the same painful condition. Kevin Comeau’s myofascial release, however, is dramatically different. While adjusting fascia can be intense, Kevin is able to alleviate muscle tension that creates local inflammation, restricts motion and creates pain. Once I learned how this improves my condition, I welcome the intensity. I highly recommend Kevin Comeau, and myofascial release, to anyone looking to alleviate chronic pain.

When I hobbled into Kevin’s office, I suffered from recurrent back injuries and near chronic low back and hip pain for almost 8 years. My level of exercise had been curtailed from running, lifting and intensive yoga several times a week, to a few months at a time of exercise classes or calisthenics with pain, punctuated by weeks or months of no activity due to re-injury. After the first session with Kevin, I felt better than I had in months. During the next session or 2, he discovered evidence of an injury I sustained 15 years ago, and about which I had forgotten. Kevin’s work has allowed me to begin running again, almost every day, for the first time in over 5 years. And today I took my first yoga class in almost 3 years! Kevin’s innovative, intuitive, creative intelligence has achieved results that no physical therapist, chiropractor or eastern medicine practitioner has been able to achieve—and in just a few short weeks. It has been a literal transformation!

I took myofascial release with Kevin at RVCC. Every time I left class my body would feel more balanced and less stressed; the results lasted much longer than any other type of bodywork I had previously received.One day Kevin asked for a “demo body” for the neck. I quickly volunteered. I have led a very active life: participating in many sports and physically demanding jobs. I had suffered a “broken neck” (fractures of C4-6) from a sports injury approximately 23 years previously. This injury left me with limited mobility, frequent headaches and chronic neck pain. Each and every fascial release that Kevin demonstrated on my neck was extremely painful for just a moment. Yet when the brief pain subsided I felt lightness, lengthening and absolutely no pain in my neck. For the first time in years I could move my head and neck through a full range of motion without any pain or restriction. Amazing! All this in only one treatment!

Myofascial bodywork is a large part of what I do with my massage clients on a daily basis. The great pain reduction and ability for my clients to lead more active life’s keeps them coming back for more. I receive Myofascial and Deep Tissue bodywork every 2 weeks: in my book an absolute necessity to support the physical demands of being a massage therapist.

You never know- it may also change your life.

As I drove home today from our appointment I was just amazed and very pleased with how well my body feels. I got to do a short ride and enjoyed the beautiful day. I moved smoothly on my bike with great ease and no pain what so ever. I don’t know what I did before you started working on me. Did I always feel just so-so? Now it is unusual rather than the norm when I don’t respond well to your work. The words “thank you” are all I have to give back to you right now and the hope that I can help others as much as you have helped me.

I have received many kinds of body work in the past 10 years: Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, shiatsu and myofascial to name a few. I have enjoyed receiving all of these different forms of body work, but I return to myofascial massage over and over again. After a myofascial session, I feel as though I have more space in my body. Not only have my muscles been massaged, but the fascia of my body has been loosened and stretched. With myofascial massage, I find that the greater sense of space that I feel in my body after a session lasts and creates a longer lasting sense of relaxation and openness. I notice that when I go a month or more without a myofascial session my body begins to feel tighter. I am aware of this tightness in my yoga practice. I know how to stretch most of my muscles, but I am not able to successfully stretch my own fascia. Myofascial massage is a part of an overall health maintenance program for my body.

As both a fitness trainer and yoga instructor/practitioner, I use my muscles intensively on a daily basis, which means some get hard and tight! I have had several types of massage therapy over a period of about 15 years and have found them all to be a really expensive way to feel good temporarily. In fact, a “regular” massage feels great on the table but leaves me craving more almost as soon as I leave the building — it teases the muscles on the surface without getting to the deeper tissue that is usually causing the discomfort. Myofascial massage is intense, but the muscles fibers seem to magically realign themselves as a result. This means that the hard knots of muscle relax and the dull ache that drives me to the therapist in the first place is relieved. I feel better for days and even weeks afterward.

I have been a regular client of Kevin’s unique and effective myofascial therapy for over 12 years. I run/ ski up to 60 miles a week, plus, logging in the woods. I use my body for hard work and play. Often, when I come to Kevin, I have specific soreness and muscle imbalance in my shoulders, lower back and legs. After working with Kevin I feel invigorated, completely balanced and relaxed. The results are deep and lasting in terms of deep tissue release, muscle tone and structural balance. He has helped me heal numerous injuries—low back pain, separated shoulder, broken ribs, etc...quickly and completely. Kevin has a practiced and unique ability to locate and release deep tissue pain quickly and effectively.

Since experiencing this type of massage over 3 years ago, it has become my favorite therapy. There are many benefits of Myofascial Release which I’ve noticed, including weeks of pleasantly released fascia and muscles. Having the deep tissue released gives me a huge sense of relief as well as the ability to move more freely. I compare it to getting oiled up from the inside out.

Even though a given session can make me feel pushed to the edge of comfort, my muscles now know that there will be long-term relief if I persevere! Really, it’s not that difficult to receive, especially when the therapist listens to me and backs off when it’s too intense. It’s such a great sensation when Kevin has hooked into the deeper fascia and drags and stretches it across the various layers of tissue and bone. Feeling it release from its tension...well, there’s nothing quite like it!

Oily massages are all well and good but when I want full relief and release...then MFR is it.