For the past 18 years Kevin has  taught for the massage certificate program at the River Valley Community College in Claremont, NH.  

An NASM-certified personal trainer, he's  also practiced and taught traditional Japanese martial arts for three decades.

Here's what his students have to say:

The class is tremendous fun for me. I love learning. And I love learning about the body. It’s been a while since I’ve taken a structured class and I really enjoy being an older student and knowing why i am there, and knowing now how to study and learn. My teacher-self really values when someone has the skill of breaking down information to make it accessible and useful to others and you really have that. I find that i can really travel with you as you explain what we are doing. The information is so clear I can really hang it somewhere right away. Sometimes at home I realize I didn’t quite get a certain technique, but I feel like you are open to questions and explorations. And your bright spirit keeps the class moving and fun even in more serious moments—fun for me is not just humorous (though you are that) but clear and engaging.

“What I enjoy most about Kevin is his knowledge of the body and the way he presents with humor”

“He stayed focused and kept ego out of the focus of the class.”

“I loved Kevin- he created a relaxed learning environment.”

“I appreciated his energy, expertise, and body mechanics… there was a very nice structure to the day… no ego was very refreshing. I’d love to do more work with Kevin!”

“I would love him to return!”

“Very informative and well-presented.”

“I enjoyed his sense of play.

I like that Kevin treats us with respect and dignity. Many instructors treat students like children rather than equals, and that respect makes the learning environment much more accessible.
— J.T.